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Frameless Folding Doors
Surpassing the limitations of traditional Folding Sliding doors where views are restricted due to wooden stiles, a set of innovative frameless folding sliding doors open up as far as your creative imagination takes you, just imagine what you could do with that extra limitless view provided by using one of our superior quality frameless stacking doors

Meranti Frameless Door

NEW! Now Also Available in ALUMINIUM


Aluminium Frameless stacking Doors by Wood100

Features of our  Frameless Doors

•Easy to use (opening and closing)
•Sturdy design
•Beautiful finish
•Rubber seals for improved weather protection
•Glazed with 8 - 10mm toughened SANS safety (golf ball resistant)
•UV resistant seals between glass panels
•Pre-assembled, and installed by our professional installation team
•Brass or Satin Crome hardware fittings
•Doors open towards the outside
•The Ideal custom door width  is between 600mm and 750 mm
•Doors can be no higher than 2.7m (due to glass weight restrictions)


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